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Hello everyone! So i am determined to stick to my new years resolution of 2012, my first achieveable one- create a blog. As a first time student living in the big LDN here is a documentation of my style, evolving interests and latest escapades..enjoy! ECOLEI

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Sorry its been such awhile folks been mega busy BUT check out these nails I got done at the Crafty Arty Party in the Ritzy,Brixton
 BRITTANI COUPLAND is the genius behind these babies, check out her blog for loads more fab nails http://maisiedeir.blogspot.com/ and come along to the crafty arty party for this and more cool crafty things! http://www.facebook.com/events/108537985941135/

Absolutely LOVE this right now. Yes its abit of a trend and its QUITE expensive, but despite this I've realised something monumental which cancels out these silly disadvantages.
I think I've found the first ever healthy version of something "naughty" (aka ice-cream) that genuinely tastes better - I'm serious, its a little pot of creamy heaven. It even tastes incredible without the toppings but lets be honest, we're not saying no to raspberries and white chocolate. 
All in all, I'm not one to choose the healthy option, its going to be a yes every time when I get asked if I want cream on anything in Starbucks, but I'm backing the frozen yoghurt on this one and this Covent Garden find was a right treat.
So....Bye Ben. Bye Jerry, 
Sorry boys.

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