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Hello everyone! So i am determined to stick to my new years resolution of 2012, my first achieveable one- create a blog. As a first time student living in the big LDN here is a documentation of my style, evolving interests and latest escapades..enjoy! ECOLEI

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Brick Lane Booze & Food

My mental friend Alice enjoying her pina colado. Was going to get a piccy of the Mexican restaurant we popped into to refuel - had some AMAZING nachos but we had to escape quickly for not paying service charge- err compulsory?? NO

Was totally worth it- these were what all nachos should taste like

"Malibu Beach"
mmm ..makes me think of sun and sand

Had a sneaky pint at Vibe Bar in Brick Lane - major 'cool' hotspot real nice seating outside and inside open all day, centre of Brick Lane and £4  pints - best!

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