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Hello everyone! So i am determined to stick to my new years resolution of 2012, my first achieveable one- create a blog. As a first time student living in the big LDN here is a documentation of my style, evolving interests and latest escapades..enjoy! ECOLEI

Saturday, 21 January 2012


My amazong flatmates Sonam and Emily

Me and Sonam on the way to shoreditch - had the best night out we've all had in awhile definitely recommend it - we will deffs be going back. Loads of really cool bars and places to dance and drink and chat and all in walking distance of each other- finally! Just head to Old street and your sorted lookout for TRAFFIC and CONCRETE and THE BOOK CLUB those were are faves...okay v.hungover from extensive beer consumption so I'm going to go locate something with nutella on then snuggle with Sonam for a day under the duvet - I'm sure portobello market will wait x


  1. check out 333 too! on the corner of old st next to traffic i think. i really want to go the the book club! xxx

  2. oh yeh i think i saw that.. v.drunkies.. yeh do its really good! x