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Hello everyone! So i am determined to stick to my new years resolution of 2012, my first achieveable one- create a blog. As a first time student living in the big LDN here is a documentation of my style, evolving interests and latest escapades..enjoy! ECOLEI

Monday, 2 January 2012

Quick trip to Dublin - amazing city! Walked around a gorgeous park... thought id emulate some irish spirit with my new skirt. (Blouse, Zara ..Cardigan&Skirt&Bag,Topshop)

Couldnt come home without seeing the Guiness factory, incredible and actually interesting if your into how its made and if not you get a free pint and a 360 panoramic view of Dublin! Loving the mash of colours and prints, new t-shirt and cardigan are definitely new wardrobe staples
(Maxi dress & T-shirt & Cardigan & Bag ,Topshop)


  1. beautiful photos!!! Dublin is gorgeous! I didn't know the Guiness factory had a 360 panoramic view of Dublin sounds interesting from when i (someday i wish) visit Dublin!

  2. thankyou! it is i absolutely loved it, yeh its incredible we were lucky enough to go on a good day and you could see for miles
    if you ever go, stay near Temple Bar - its a place in the centre where its allll going on