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Hello everyone! So i am determined to stick to my new years resolution of 2012, my first achieveable one- create a blog. As a first time student living in the big LDN here is a documentation of my style, evolving interests and latest escapades..enjoy! ECOLEI

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Had a few pints down at the local for open mic night, one of our friends does gigs around London so we went to cheer him on. The Globes on Mile End rd. and always packed with students if you fancy a cheap pint and a chat! Note for a thursday, must be intoxicated to deal with the hour wait to be served, however the smoking area (the road) serves as a nice breather but you may get honked at and shoved around a little bit by big burly bouncers but its aall cool -the barman's really fit

Got this skirt in the sale, pretty good for £20, sort of stiff woollen material, bit prom-ish so i wore with my baggy grey and denim

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